Ah, the joys of having a teenager…

Ah, the joys of having a teenager…

Crisp has gone off with his (older) cousins to a friend’s house just up the highway to play their D&D game. The last thing I told him when he left was that he needed to call or text me to say they’d arrived safely, and of course, like every teenager (including me) before him, he forgot. We couldn’t raise him on his cell, and then couldn’t get hold of any of the cousins either. We tried messaging on Facebook, and then, after an hour, I got in the car and drove over there.

Of course they were all there and fine, but the house is in a total cell dead-zone (though there is a land-line in the house he could have used to call me).

Oh well, I’ve done my duty and thoroughly embarrassed my son in front of his friends… hopefully he will learn from this and not forget to call me again 🙂

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