Monkey’s new phone

Monkey’s new phone

Crisp’s venerable old Samsung Blaze 4G phone has done him good service for quite a few years now, but the battery life has gotten pretty bad, and to get it to charge at all you have to hold the plug at a particular angle… so, now that he needs a reliable phone so he can get calls from work telling him when they want him to come in we figured he was due for an upgrade.

It had to be an off-contract, unlocked phone, so we looked at the new Motorola Moto E, the new Moto G, but in the end we decided that the best fit and value for him would be the previous Moto G LTE. The new E has 4G LTE but is a bit basic with cameras and stuff (especially the “selfie” cam that he uses for video chats), and the new G is very nice but does not come with LTE (faster internet over the phone network), so the 1st gen Moto G, but the LTE version (that also includes an SD card slot) was what we decided on. Speedy processor, nice screen but not too big, good camera, SD slot, and fast interweb… Amazon had it for a good price and it arrived today.

It’s very nice and does everything we expected it to do, gorgeous screen, responsive and fast etc. etc., but the most impressive thing that I wan’t expecting is the Motorola Migrate app that came with it. Being an Android phone it automatically takes all your Google account stuff, contacts, emails, apps etc. as soon as you sign in on the new phone, but Migrate is a special app that you open on the new phone, download, install and open on the old phone, and it basically sets up an ad-hoc wifi connection between the two phones and transfers all the rest of your stuff- your call logs, all your texts, your music, pictures etc. etc. About 10 minutes later and it’s done- there are a few things that it doesn’t get, but 95% of everything has successfully transferred across 🙂

Very impressive… gold star Motorola!

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