A funny old day

A funny old day

It’s been an odd day, with a vague feeling of nerves and uneasiness floating over most of it. Three things were responsible: Jackie called me on her way home last night to say the van was overheating again, so we took it over to CCM (our wonderful garage) and it stayed there overnight and most of the day; the dog was limping a little yesterday, and this morning was putting almost no weight on one front paw; and Crisp had his first day at work- would he hate it, and would they like him?

The garage found there was no circulation of coolant and they had to dismantle most of the front of the engine to get at the cooling system. They flushed eveything out and cleaned and checked all the hoses and then found that the water pump was not pumping with enough pressure, so they decided to replace it, and to be safe the housing around it as well. We had had a couple of updates during the day and were dreading the final cost as we knew how much they’d had to do, but were thrilled to find it was only $400 (ouch! but much less than we were expecting) even after all the work they put in.

I decided to keep the dog on short leash walks for a few days in the hopes that this would not turn into a big deal- and we’ve just got back from the second, slightly longer one of the day and she’s walking almost normally. We’ll stick to at least one more day of leash walks, but she seems to be on the mend.

And when we picked up Crisp he was tired and hungry (he isn’t sure how meal breaks work yet), but he’d had a good time and seems to have a nice bunch of people to work with. He’s going back for the same shift again tomorrow and is looking forward to it.

So, after an odd day it turns out I was really worrying about nothing 🙂

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