Quadcopter win!

Quadcopter win!

After last week’s propeller shredding visit to the woods I was very keen to get out with the quadcopter today in a spot with fewer obstacles and more space. Jackie very cleverly suggested the soccer field just the other side of Playland Parkway where the old nursery used to be, so I charged up all 4 of my batteries and headed over there first thing this morning hoping to have the place to myself- and I did 🙂

I flew around very happily for about 90 minutes, managed to land more often than crash, and only broke 6 props (and my order of 80 from China came in yesterday) while flying all 4 of my batteries flat. This is the perfect spot early in the morning- I didn’t bother anyone and no-one bothered me (and there was a cop car parked in the parking lot behind the little hut for about half the time I was there and he didn’t seem to care).

It is SO much easier to fly using the fpv mask when you have some space to play with- and I’ve learnt that you need to be bold: it’s when I get nervous and cut the throttle that I crash, if I keep flying and steer myself out of trouble I’m much less likely to.

I have a few things to work on- the video is very wobbly, but I think part of that is the little rubber anti-vibration mount it’s on, I think it’ll actually be better just velcro’d directly  to the frame so I’ll give that a try next time.

I had an absolute blast… and my flying had definitely improved by leaps and bounds by the time I left 🙂

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