Tired but very happy

Tired but very happy

A very successful weekend!

The outreach fundraiser last night was a huge success- we raised over $85,000 and had a fabulous time doing it. The photo booth worked perfectly (that’s us with Lesley & Josh Findlay) and I just received an email telling me it was voted the hit of the night 🙂 It’s obviously a keeper and we’ll do it again at things like the Christmas dinner.

And the kids this morning were awesome and did a fabulous job with leading Morning Prayer- not a dud in the bunch, they all rose to the occasion and made us very proud.

Jackie (who worked like a trooper all evening at the event last night and then took all 3 of Robyn’s kids to church this morning while Robyn & David ran in the Rye Derby) and I are taking it easy this afternoon and will probably not be up much after Game of Thrones tonight 🙂

Click here to see the usual album of pictures from both on the church Facebook page 🙂

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