My HobbyKing order has arrived 🙂

 I was a little worried coz the box looked a little worse for wear and was open a bit at one end…

…but all the small stuff was packed in another small box inside and nothing was missing. This order included: the radio transmitter to control the thing, 2 batteries, a pack of battery connectors, heavy silicone wire (in red only, the black was the backordered item that caused the hol up) the fpv transmitter, the esc (electronic speed control) for the motors (I went with a combined unit that has all 4 in 1), threadlocker liquid, servo connectors to connect the receiver to the flight controller, and a tuning card that will let me tune the esc.

The transmitter is very cool, but comes with no instructions! Ah well, I’m sure I can figure it out- and anyway, the first thing I need to do is to change the TX module on it over to the FrSky one I got so that it will have a failsafe capability.
So, tonight and tomorrow I can finally start the build for real 🙂

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