I finally decided I could wait no longer even though the last box of parts from HobbyKing is not due until Friday, so while Jackie watched Dancing with the Stars I headed over to the workshop and started some of the initial assembly.

The holes on the arms for the screws that mount the motors do not line up perfectly, so I just need to mill them out a touch with a diamond bit for my Dremel (this is a cheapish Chinese carbon fiber frame so a little adjustment is to be expected).

After a little careful work the motors fit perfectly and are nicely centered.

Then I carefully drilled mounting holes for the power distribution board and the KK2 flight controller. I went with the KK2 board with its own hard plastic case that is a little wide for this little frame, so the existing mounting holes didn’t line up, but I think the fact that this board has a separate programming module with an lcd screen will be an advantage when I start flying it and need to tune it. It means I can enclose the board within the frame and the just connect the programmer as I need to to tune the configuration. The other nice thing is that the updated firmware on this board allows me to tell it that I’m mounting it 90 degrees off line to let me run the cables the way I want to.

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