Propeller eater!

Propeller eater!

I spent a happy hour this morning working on getting the quadcopter tuned and stable, and I got it to the stage that I felt confident to put on my fpv headset and try flying it that way.

It is so much easier to control when you see the world from it’s perspective, you don’t have to remember that if it’s facing towards you you have to move the stick left to go right etc. The only real problem in a space as confined as the parish hall is that you can’t see sideways so it’s very easy to brush up against the wall or a table leg, and the props on this thing go so much faster (and are much more fragile) than the ones on my previous quad… so it’s very easy to break them… which I did… a lot.

I’m a little mad because I forgot to press the record button on the on-board camera until the last flight (which was one of the shortest) when I broke the last counter-clockwise prop I had left. Anyway, here’s proof that it flies- the first part of the video is from when I was still fooling around and tuning it, the second part is the aforementioned last fpv flight-

I have ordered many more props which will be here on Monday- then we’re going outside!

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