Photo Booth

Photo Booth

To add another fun element to the Outreach Fundraiser on Saturday night I’ve put together a “photo booth” using a little software off the internet, a laptop we had in the office that’s not doing anything at the moment, my backup camera body, some lights and a cheapo photo printer 🙂

You just press the big, silver button in front of the laptop and it automatically counts down and takes 4 pictures at 5 second intervals and then prints them out. It prints out a 4″x 6″ print with 2 sets of pictures with the church name and the fundraiser logo at the bottom so you can just cut it it half and have one to keep and one to share.

 And, as an added bonus, I’ve set things up so the screen on the wall in the parish hall will run a slideshow of the pictures at random, always showing the newest one next as they come in 🙂

Now we just need a backdrop with a cactus or two and a few silly props 🙂

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