A smashing time in the Woods ;)

A smashing time in the Woods ;)

I’ve switched my day off this week coz of the outreach fundraiser this weekend, so I woke up this morning determined to go fly my quadcopter. It was far too windy to fly really, but I went for it anyway and headed over to Saxon Woods- I figured that maybe the trees would reduce the wind (big mistake! they just made it confused and unpredictable).

I did quite a bit of flying, both LoS and FPV, and a lot of crashing 🙂

I went through a good few propellers (I should just put in a standing order for them!), but I had a blast and learned a lot- not least that this thing is tougher than it looks 🙂

Next time I really need to find a big, open field to fly in- somewhere without obstacles and where I can get a bit of height so I have room to manoeuvre. Rye Rec. would be perfect, and I did think of going there this morning, but I thought that perhaps a man in a black facemask flying a drone in a field next to an elementary school while school was in session might not be the best idea! I’ll have to hope there’s some calm evenings before the softball season starts, otherwise the next decent day off I have I think I’ll head for Ward Pound Ridge which has some huge open areas- I’ll just have to train the dog not to chase after the quad 🙂

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