Super Pi day… or is it?

Super Pi day… or is it?

There is much fanfare about today being Pi day, and not just any pi day but an extra special, once-in-a-century one- “Today is a rare and thrilling ‪#‎PiDay‬: Once in a century (well okay, twice today, given AM & PM) the month/day/year/hour/minute/second reads 3.141592653—the first 10 digits of pi”. But that’s not strictly true is it?

Not even getting into the whole how-you-write-the-date thing (in the UK today is 14-3-15), if you want to say the whole date is Pi, then that would be next year as to round Pi to 4 decimal places would be 3.1416.

And unfortunately if you say you’re including the time (ie. 3-14-15 at 9:26 and 54 seconds- not 53 as the person I’ve quoted above, the 3 gets rounded to a 4), that doesn’t really work either as to write the time scientifically it would be 09:26 (and pm would be 21:26) so you’d have to say 3-14-15 09:26 54′ which doesn’t work at all.

I’m not trying to spoil anybody’s fun (I’m really just being pedantic for the fun of it) and I hope today has sold a lot of T-shirts, but I’m predicting now that next year there will be a whole new slew of posts and ads proclaiming that 3-14-16 is a “once in a century Pi day” to sell a whole lot more T-shirts- and I might actually buy one of those.

In the mean time- I whole-heartedly support March 14 every year being celebrated as Pi day… mine’s a slice of apple please, and hold the cinnamon 😉

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