We’re doing a fundraiser evening for our outreach ministries in a months time, and we thought it would be fun to have a “photo booth” for the event- one of those things where you push a button and it takes 4 shots in succession and then prints out your pictures on a single custom postcard.

Now, we looked into hiring one for the evening, but they’re really expensive! So I did a little research and found that you can get the software online to do it yourself if you have the stuff- a laptop, a camera, tripod and lights, and a printer- which I do 🙂

I have a laptop that’s currently not being used by anyone at the church, my backup camera body is a little outdated but more than adequate, and I can use my strobe lights and umbrellas etc. I will have to buy a printer that prints very quickly and dry and smudge-proof, but I can get one for about $100.

I downloaded the demo software and have been fooling around with it… and this was my first attempt-

Kinda cheesy- but it works! Now I just have to fine tune it 🙂

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