Not seen in many months!

Not seen in many months!

Two clean shaven Thorne men 🙂

Crisp decided it was time he cleaned himself up, and I am getting ready for my chosen Lenten discipline this year… teaching myself to shave with this-

I have always wanted to learn how to shave with a cut-throat, and I found a website with a video tutorial that recommends that you do it a little at a time- start with the flat areas on your cheeks, then the straight bits on your throat, then work up to the curvy bits on your chin and finally the area under your nose and around your mouth. You do a little area each day and then finish shaving your usual way (my cheap razors from Dollar Shave Club), then the next day you do the same area again and a little more, and so on… The whole process should take about a month, so I figured it would be a great, contemplative thing to do for Lent (with a little prayer not to slice my face to ribbons each day!).
The badger shave brush I’ve had for ages and the razor I got cheaply on Amazon- it uses disposable blades and is said to be the best way to learn. If I take to it I will get myself a proper one as an Easter present- but it can be quite involved and pricey as a good one isn’t cheap, and then you need a sharpening stone and a strop etc. So we’ll see in 40(ish) days 🙂

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