Vermont pictures

Vermont pictures

I finally got around to editing the last few pictures from our week in Vermont back in August and putting them together as an album… just click here or on the picture above to see it 🙂

The cabin we rented for the week was the Vermont Country Lodge near Springfield, VT. It was a wonderful place: quirky, private, comfortable and just the relaxing retreat we needed.

The cabin is at the end of an almost 3/4 mile dirt track, overlooking a pond. There is one other house at the top of the track, and another overlooking the pond from the other side, but there is a grassy knoll with a copse of trees on it in front of the cabin that completely blocks it and gives you total privacy. The cabin itself is well appointed in a slightly quixotic way with much of the owners own art on the walls and a wonderful mix of comfortable furniture. There was no cell phone reception, but the wifi was actually faster than at home (much to the boy’s glee). The dog romped in the woods and across the fields and swam in the pond- and I blame her for the fact that I didn’t catch any fish big enough to keep 🙂

All-in-all an almost perfect spot and a wonderful week- if I have any say we’ll go back there again!

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