Not quite ready for prime-time

Not quite ready for prime-time

So, after having lived with it for just over a week I have made the decision to return my moto 360 watch.

It was fun to play with, and the concept is great, but it’s just not ready. I had no problem with the size- it’s large but I have largish wrists and have always worn larger watches, and I loved being able to choose and customize the watch face- it was partly the lousy battery life and partly problems with android wear (the software than links it to your phone).

For me a watch needs to be, first and foremost, a watch. And while this was a great watch while the battery lasted, at about 7 or 8 o’clock each evening it became a very expensive bracelet. On the plus side it charged very quickly on it’s wireless charging dock (or either of the other Qi charging pads I have), but I don’t need the bother of having to remember to charge it at some point during the day if I wanted it to last until bedtime. And added to that, my phone (my nexus 5 which has almost consistently been at about 20% when I plug it in to charge overnight when I went to bed) was also dying by 8 o’clock too- I guess the super-low-power Bluetooth it uses to connect to the 360 had to take it’s toll.

But even beyond the battery, the actual usage of the watch did not do what I needed to do. Sure, it’s fun to get texts and emails on your wrist and not have to pull out your phone to read them, but there was not the capacity to then do what I needed with emails. I have 3 email accounts (all gmail or Google apps) that come to my phone, 2 personal and 1 work, and my modus operandi has always been to speed read emails as they come in while I’m on the go, and then “star” (gmail gives you the option to check a little star on the email) the ones that need further attention. Then when I get back to either my work or home computer I have my gmail inboxes set to put any “starred” emails at the top, above all the others, this way I can respond to or act on the ones I starred, uncheck the star and move on. But the android wear software on the 360 does not allow you to “star” emails, it does not even mark the ones you’ve seen as “read”. The only options you have are to reply, archive them, or open them on your phone (which kind of defeats the purpose). I was hoping that perhaps someone would write a third party app that would give me this functionality, but from some discussions I have had on reddit apparently this is not something that anyone but Google has access to.

So, it’s going back and I’m back wearing my old, faithful , self-winding Invicta 9937 . If I had paid $99 for the 360 I would keep it for the novelty and fun value, though I think that would wear off pretty quickly, but at $249 it’s just not worth it to me. Maybe when version 2.0 comes out I’ll take another look…

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