This thing is a blast!

This thing is a blast!

I love this little drone!

It’s not easy to fly, but in the 20 minutes or so I’ve been flying it I can already see the improvement in my skill… there is a lot of future fun to be had here 🙂

I did get the little camera for it, It doesn’t take amazing stills-

but for a $30 camera that comes with a 2GB microSD card it takes surprisingly good video-

And finally here’s a little video of it flying (it’s really hard to try and pilot it and video it with my phone at the same time!)-
As you can tell from the videos I’ve been crashing it a lot, but it seems to be a tough little beast. Hopefully as my skill grows I can soon post some much better videos from it, but so far two very enthusiastic thumbs up 🙂

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