My FPV set-up works :)

My FPV set-up works :)

All the parts for my FPV set-up on my little quadcopter arrived yesterday and I spent a fun couple of hours working out where to put everything and soldering it all together. This evening I took it out to see if it would work… and it does 🙂

I need to take it over to the Rec or somewhere like that where I can find some wide open space to get used to flying it this way- around the church I’m just too nervous of crashing it on a roof or somewhere I won’t be able to reach it. But boy is it fun to fly it this way!

This is the copter and it’s controller with the little monitor mounted on it. It has a built in 5.8 Ghz receiver and also records the video on a microSD card, I upgraded the antenna for a skew planar one.

This shows the little drone with it’s antenna sticking out below it on it’s right side.

Here it is with the canopy removed, you can see the little camera velcro’d onto the front.

And here’s a closer view of the antenna on the side. The transmitter is wired to the camera connector for the original camera for power and is then velcro’d on top of the main control board. The antenna is bent down through the frame (with a tiny zip-tie around where it connects to the transmitter board so it can’t come loose- bad things happen to transmitters if they’re powered up without an antenna attached) and then the whole thing is wrapped and tied with a couple of bands of teflon plumbers tape (light and flexible).

It all works surprisingly well 🙂 You will see from the video that the resolution of the camera is a little bit lower than the original camera (see earlier posts from video from that), and there’s some static and interference, but for a tiny 25mw transmitter I think it does pretty well. I guess I could wire in the original camera as well and record on that while flying on this one, but the difference is probably not enough to warrant carrying the extra weight and power drain.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out, and I can’t wait to find some open fields to play with it some more and hone my skills 🙂

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