Winter Wonderland Woods

Winter Wonderland Woods

Holly and I had a blast going around the woods today! The snow still has the icy crust on top that mostly supports Holly’s weight and is awesome for snowshoeing. There was only one set of of footprints other than my own from yesterday, so the going was perfect.

I took my camera with me in an effort to capture some of the beauty, but as usual spent most of my time taking pictures of the dog 🙂 I am trying out a new technique for controlling focus called “back button focus” (moving control of the autofocus from the half-press of the shutter to a separate button on the back- more here), it is going to take a bit of getting used to but I think the effort will be worth it.

I had to park at the bottom even though the entry road and parking lot have been plowed

Here’s the entrance to the trail where I donned my snowshoes

Holly seemed to float on the surface and leave no trace of her passage

She’s very patient with me when I have the camera

Bright sunshine and though it was only 27F I was soon down to just a T shirt

Noble doggy

This is to try and show the texture of the snow- the surface is tiny ice crystals like granulated sugar which glisten and sparkle in the sun (I had to fudge the exposure to show this and it isn’t totally successful)

It’s amazing that the snow is still so pure white 2 days later

Holly and my footprints from yesterday

I love the shadows in this one

A rare picture of Holly without crud all over her tongue

And part of the lower trail had been roughly plowed so she got to have some tennis ball time too 🙂

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