A few pretty pictures I took around the church after I had finished shoveling today 🙂

Since getting my new camera and finding that the RAW software I was using does not support it yet (well, it does, but only with some hacking) I have switched to Adobe Lightroom (thanks to Colin for giving me a trusted voice of advice). I just got in on a very nice deal to get both Lightroom and Photoshop in their “Creative Cloud” for $10 a month :).

This does mean I now have to run a Windows machine as Lightroom will not run on Linux (natively or in Wine) but I have resurrected my old Z61t Thinkpad with Kubuntu and a fast SSD to be my living room in-front-of-the-TV computer, and my newer T’padE420 in now running Windows 7 and is semi-permanently connected to my IPS monitor in the office. And with a nice large 2TB external drive to store my RAW files on this is a much better set up.

And I have to say that the advantages of Lightroom more than make it worth it!

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