5 years with a doofenshmirtz :)

5 years with a doofenshmirtz :)

Holly the day we brought her home

It was 5 years ago today that we went to the Elmsford Animal Shelter and found a small black and white dog called Skittles who they told us was a 5 month old Rat Terrier Mix. Crispy was smitten and we ended up bringing her home the next day.

Holly (in fact a Border Collie Mix) has now been part of our lives for 5 years and I can’t really imagine life without her! She can be a total pain in the ass, but she can also be a total sweetheart. In a blog post at the end of her first year with us I wrote, She can be sweet, infuriating, and underfoot- and often all at once”, and that pretty much sums her up to this day 🙂

Going on the formula that on our daily walks we do an average of 3 miles a day, then we cover about 1,000 miles a year, and so Holly and I have probably walked about 5,000 miles together (well, I’ve done 5,000 miles- she usually does about twice what I do so she’s up around 10,000!). I’d be in a lot worse shape without her 😉

She’s always pleased to see us, always ready for a walk (whether in the woods or just into the parking lot to take out the garbage), and always ready for a piece of cheese! So, here’s to the next 5 years (and beyond!), we were very lucky to find her that day 🙂

Holly in the parish hall at our Christmas Celebration this year.
Holly in the woods today…
…doing her best to look noble…
…at full tilt…
…and with the world’s most disgusting tennis ball!

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