Doctor Who in 3D!

Doctor Who in 3D!

Just got back from seeing the Doctor Who 50th episode again…but this time at the movie theater and in 3D!

It was a special one-night-only showing so even though CJ and I had watched it on Saturday we dragged Colin along and went to see it again. CJ wore his fez (and was not the only one) and took his sonic screwdriver, and there were Dalek hats and Tardis socks aplenty…it did my heart good to see so many Whovians in Port Chester 🙂

My favourite moment was actually before the show- they were showing still slides with trivia about the various Doctors over the 50 years and the above picture came up with a notation about the 10th anniversary episode, and without thinking both CJ and I called out “That’s my Grandpa”, “That’s my Dad” at the same time. We then had to explain it to Colin and got a smattering of applause from the people around us 🙂

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