Shingles and teeth update

Shingles and teeth update

I’ve just got back from the dentist having had my new, permanent crown put it.

The temporary glue holding the temporary crown lasted all of about 18 hours and the temporary crown came off again as I bit into my first hamburger on the 4th. But luckily by then my dentist had called me and had said if it came off again to just leave it off and chew on the other side… so that’s what I did. He had offered to see me on Monday to re-glue in the temporary, but he said that if I wasn’t in any pain I should just wait for my appointment today. I was a little more sensitive to hot and cold, but it was nothing I couldn’t live with, so I waited, and now I have my new crown 🙂

I’m a little sore (he did the crown with no anesthetic) but he said that should wear off pretty quick and I can eat on it, brush it, floss it right away and it shouldn’t go anywhere.

As to the shingles, that never developed any more than a small rash that has almost gone. It may not have been shingles at all, or it may be that I started taking the anti-virals so quickly that it was beaten back before it could go anywhere- either way I’m happy- shingles is not fun! I have an appointment for a full physical in a couple of weeks, maybe we’ll learn something more when they do my blood-work then.

So… it seems to have been a happy ending all round… let’s hope that was it for the summer!

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