Roofing and repairs

Roofing and repairs

It’s been a funny last few days… On Monday evening as I took my shirt off to take a shower after walking the dog Jackie noticed a small rash on my left side, and after some quick Googling we decided it looked like a recurrence of the shingles I had a few years ago (not fun!). But when I had shingles before I had all of the discomfort with almost none of the physical symptoms- just red areas, no blistering- and this time I have a small area of blisters but no discomfort.

On Tuesday morning I had a routine visit to the dentist scheduled, so I went to that where he did a cleaning and some xrays and told me I needed a crown on one of my lower, left, back teeth- bloody useless National Health dentist I went to 23 years ago before moving to the States, almost everything he did has caused trouble and pain since! But I digress. He had a cancellation and so did the prep work for the crown then and there, took impressions, drilled and filed and then installed a temporary crown until the new one comes next week. On my way home I stopped in at Urgent Care at our doctor’s office to get the rash checked out, and they confirmed that it looked like it was shingles and told me that there is a 72 hour treatment window and if you start treatment within that time you stand a good chance of avoiding a huge flare up, so they started me on anti-virals- and fingers crossed it seems to have got no worse and I still have no discomfort or itching.

Fast forward to this evening and we went over to the Curatory to play Settlers of Catan with Colin and Christie and on about the third move I bit into one of the delicious, soft, undercooked brownies Jackie had brought with us and noticed my temporary crown was loose in my mouth. So, after Colin Googled what to do when your crown comes off and I left a message on the emergency voicemail number at my dentists, we abandoned the game and Jake and I went to CVS to buy emergency, temporary dental adhesive (it’s a wonderful world we live in).

So… now here I sit having rinsed and glued my temporary crown back in. The package says the adhesive starts to set in just a few minutes but takes 2 or 3 hours to reach full strength, so no more brownies for me tonight. I hope this glue does the trick, because as tomorrow is the 4th of July I think it’s extremely unlikely I’ll see the dentist before Friday (or more likely Monday). I’ll just have to eat my hot dogs carefully and chew on the other side!

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