New Nexus 4 Phone :)

New Nexus 4 Phone :)

My new Nexus 4 phone arrived today- it’s an awesome phone made by LG to Google’s specifications and sold, unlocked (!) direct from Google at a bargain price (in fact many suspect that Google is losing money on each one they sell).

I’m not eligible for an upgrade on my T-Mobile account yet, but as this is an unlocked phone I just popped in my SIM card (well, after trimming it down to “micro” SIM size) and it just works 🙂

The phone is pure Android with no added bloat from a cell provider and will get the latest OS upgrade direct from Google as soon as it comes out, it has a lightning fast, quad-core processor and as it’s running Android all my contacts, calendar items and emails just appeared right on it as soon as I set up my Gmail accounts.

It also has an amazing 8 megapixel camera- with lots of new modes I haven’t even begun to play with yet. Over on my Saxon Woods blog is an HDR picture of the bridge, and here is my first try at a “photosphere” in the same spot-

(click and hold your left mouse button mouse over the picture to move around, click and roll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, or click on the funny symbol in the top left to view it full-screen)

And here is the same picture rendered (in the phone!) as what they call a “tiny planet”-

(click the picture as usual to see it bigger)

The stitching of the panorama is not perfect (some of the trees don’t exactly line up), but a lot of that is probably down to the operator (me), so for a first attempt I’m really impressed!

All in all I’m really happy I went with this phone- it looks like a definite winner!

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