Excellent Photo Day!

Excellent Photo Day!

The “headshot” area of the studio

I had a fabulous day at the Photo Workshop today!

When I did the Night Photography evening classes a while back it was a little frustrating because some of the people in the class were absolute beginners who had bought high-end DSLRs but didn’t know their ISO from their f-stop. This was a class of me and three professional photographers basically doing a master class (taught by another professional who has had his own successful studio for 25 years) on lighting and posing with some extra info on sales and business thrown in. In fact I was a little worried that I would be the one asking the dumb questions, but was happy to find that I comfortably held my own- all those books I’ve read and all the practice photographing everything I can has paid off 🙂

Looking towards the “low key” area
with the biggest softbox I’ve ever seen!

I t was great to be part of a small class taught by a working professional in a working studio. We worked through all sorts of poses and lighting situations- including prom pictures which will hopefully let me do a better job when I shoot the Fanwood Prom for Jackie at the end of the month 🙂

Unfortunately even though we had all brought our own gear there was so much to get through that for time we just ended up using his gear as it was already all set up for each situation, but it was fun to get to play with a Nikon D4 and a Canon 5D Mk II and some f2.8 70-200 lenses 🙂 It does mean I don’t have any of those shots, but I did grab a few crappy cell phone pictures of the studio etc.

The workshop corner from the “high key” section

So thanks to the PPA and our instructor Aaron Pepis of Pepis Studios for a great day- I learned a lot and can’t wait to put it all to use- and I shall definitely sign up for the next time!

Shooting some “high key” shots
And we finished with some ambient+fill flash shots outside

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