Evolution of the Lenten Beard

Evolution of the Lenten Beard

Colin, Ruaraidh and I all gave up shaving for Lent (in fact Colin shaved off his existing beard so we would all be starting from the same place). We decided that no trimming would be allowed except for at the neck and the lip… and every Thursday we took a picture so we’d have a record of our burgeoning hirsuteness-

Day 1 (the day after Ash Wednesday)
Me, Ruaraidh & Colin

Day 8

Day 15

Day 22

Day 29

Day 36

Day 43 (Maundy Thursday)
By this point this was the longest beard I’d ever grown and it had started to feel very scruffy, so I decided to subscribe to the team that feels Lent ends on Maundy Thursday and headed off this afternoon to Sebastian’s Barber Shop in Tarrytown for a trim.
This feels much better 🙂

Day 44

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