Gallifrey One!

Gallifrey One!

Dad as Azal in the Daemons

Got some really cool news today- Dad is being flown to LA in a couple of weeks to be a guest at the Gallifrey One Doctor Who Convention! This year is a special one as it is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and though he’s done tons of these cons in the UK he’s never done one in the US before. The con is totally sold out, so even though CJ is desperate to go, even if we could get away (and could afford) to go to LA we couldn’t get in, but it’s still really cool 🙂

Here’s their website (they haven’t updated the guest list yet)-

and here’s what they posted on Facebook-
“A new guest added today to our schedule: we are delighted to welcome Stephen Thorne to Gallifrey 2013. Thorne played three iconic characters in the classic series: the Time Lord engineer in “The Three Doctors,” the venomous Azal in “The Daemons” and the later incarnation of Eldrad in “The Hand of Fear”; he’s also appeared on audio and has made many appearances in the UK. We’re delighted to welcome Stephen to Gallifrey 2013, with thanks to Tenth Planet Events and David Bickerstaff.”

(It should be “the Time Lord Omega in the “The Three Doctors”” as someone on Facebook pointed out almost immediately)

Here’s Dad’s entry on the Doctor Who Wiki in case you’re interested in learning more about the monsters he played 🙂

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