4 years…

4 years…

Holly then

It was 4 years ago today that Holly came home with us.

Since then she has become an essential part of our family and, exasperating though she can be, we wouldn’t be without her!

Holly today

She and I have covered about 4,000 miles through the woods together (and I would probably be quite a lot larger if it wasn’t for our daily walks), she is always ready to leap up to announce and greet visitors or to accompany me to take out the garbage, she greets us lovingly when we come home, she sleeps on guard outside our rooms as we sleep, and she watches carefully when we do anything in the kitchen. In short she is one of the family and we love her.

Holly and I on sitting on the rock from where I take the daily picture for my other blog

If you are considering adopting a rescue dog I would recommend you do it! I had huge reservations about bringing a dog into our small apartment 4 years ago, but I’m so glad we did!

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