We’re here!

We’re here!

Well, we finally made it. We landed in Port of Spain, Trinidad at 7:35am and our connecting flight to Tobago was at 7:40- so we missed that. By the time we had cleared customs and immigration and made it to the Caribbean Airlines counter the best they could do was put us on the standby list. I have to be honest that I had visions of not making it over to Tobago until tomorrow- especially when we heard the horror stories people were telling of still being there from yesterday!

We grabbed a very quick bite and then went and hung out by the desk for the next 2 hours (there is no PA system, so everyone crowds real close to the desk for fear they’ll miss their name being called). At 10:40 they started calling names, and at about 10:55 I was thrilled to hear “Thorne, for 3”! I leapt forward and was told to quickly check our bags as we were on the 11:35 and it was already boarding. We were fast-tracked through the security line and heaved a huge sigh of relief as we took our seats in three different rows on the little 50-seater Dash Turboprop. 25 minutes later we landed in Tobago and were met by Shermans Car Rental and our adorable little Suzuki Carry 6-seater van (luckily, as I had gotten a Digicel TT SIM card for my phone before we came, I had been able to keep them updated on our arrival). We drove to the house and surprised Grandpa, Grandma & Josh ๐Ÿ™‚

So, we’re unpacked and have been out to the store to lay in supplies- tonight it’s dinner at the Fish Pot where we’ll plan what to do and see over the next week and three-quarters- building in lots of time just lazing at the beach ๐Ÿ™‚

Crisp on the tarmac in Tobago

A little friend who came to say “Hi”

Our Suzuki Carry 1.3- an awesome little donkey!

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