Swimming and dinner (!)

Swimming and dinner (!)

After we got back from the fort we headed to the beach for some watery fun, then it was back to the house to change and look at the sunset and then off to our most very favorite restaurant in the whole world- La Tartaruga in Buccoo.

We’ve been salivating about coming back here for 2 years and it did not disappoint! I had  the most amazing Yellow-Fin Tuna Tartare that had to be tasted to be believed, and before that the owner Gabriele came bouncing over to our table to to offer us delectable tastes of many of his amazing appetizers 🙂 It’s wonderful to meet someone who is so happy about what he does- he’s still just as enthusiastic as he ever was and the food is still a few levels above excellent! And just to add to the atmosphere, just as we finished our desserts the power in that section of the island went out so we got to sit in candlelight for 10 minutes or so until the lights came back on. We will definitely be going back at least once more before we leave!

Crisp and Jake

Josh underwater with the Waboba ball

Crisp underwater

And Jake too 🙂

Me and my lovely wife

Crisp and Josh building something (?) on the beach

Tonight’s sunset 🙂

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