Rainy day pictures

Rainy day pictures

Tropical rain, you can’t really tell how hard it was coming down from this picture- I’ll post a video when I get home and have more bandwidth

Slightly bedraggled Motmot, we’ve started naming them- this is Julio

There are no gutters on this part of the roof, so all the water just falls into this little section of garden, normally not a problem. But today there was so much (and the drain was slightly clogged) that it filled up and started to flood the living room through the wall to the right. Our neighbors on the left had the same problem with theirs and brought over this piece of corrugated iron to catch the water coming off the roof and divert it into the pool (which could just overflow off the edge of the deck) as they had done on theirs.

It works remarkably well 🙂 

Crisp, of course, insisted in swimming in the rain 🙂

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