… but a nice afternoon

… but a nice afternoon

We went for lunch at the local beach bar and then spent most of the afternoon in the sea 🙂

Grandpa striding purposefully towards the water

Crisp & Josh

Crisp & Josh’s feet 🙂

Crisp bodysurfing

We came home to find that the water was out, so we had to make do with a quick rinse in the plunge pool. Then we found that the cable was out too, so we ran down the hill to grab dinner from one of the little food huts (chicken and Tobagonian dumplings- yum!) and settled in for another Bonanza session 🙂

Just before bed we found the water is back on, so we’ll be able to shower in the morning before we head off on our safari to Little Tobago. Jackie is going to stay home as she doesn’t want to get sick on the car ride up to Speyside (very windy roads!), so she will read, work on her tan, and hope the cable comes back on!

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  1. Sounds like your all having a great time. Maybe alittle salty from the lack of shower, but still sounds like a full vacation!!!
    xo kat

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