Further Bronycon thoughts

Further Bronycon thoughts

As promised here are a few more pictures from Saturday’s day at Bronycon-

Bathroom signs 🙂

Crisp and Jason negotiating one of the vendor aisles…

…and checking the con guide to see which panel to go to.

The “Mane” room filling up with young men (and a few girls) for the opening ceremonies.

While on the line for the autograph vouchers John de Lancie (“Discord” and was also “Q” on TNG) was nice enough to stop and say “hi”.

The infamous ramp where I queued for 4 1/4 hours for autograph vouchers.

This is one of the guys I felt very sorry for- he had dressed up as one of the characters but basically missed most of the day at the con as he was next to me in the queue for hours.

Crisp in “Discord” hat and wings waiting for Lauren Faust’s panel…

…at the end of which they presented her with a huge picture of her as a pony 🙂

Jason (in “Soarin”” hat), and Crisp goofing off in the “museum”.

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