Doing their civic duty :)

Doing their civic duty :)

The Y Adventure Camp had a “Service Project Day” today. Crisp wasn’t sure what they’d be doing, but from this pic I pinched from their Facebook page it looks like they were cleaning up some wooded area (the Nature Center, maybe?)- I’ll update with where they were when he gets home.

I’m very glad that his camp does this kind of thing, they go on cool trips every day (for example yesterday was a tour of Metlife Stadium, and tomorrow they’re going to a Red Bulls soccer game), so it’s nice that the kids get to do a little to give back.

Today was super hot again (95F), so they probably didn’t work too hard before heading back to the Y to fall in the pool, but it looks like they actually did some work 😉

Update- I was right, they were at the Nature Center, helping clear an “invasive vine”.

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