Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

Just got back from 4 hours at the ER at Greenwich Hospital.

When we got home from the HDSW event my stomach started to feel uncomfortable, which quickly developed into searing pain just to the right of my belly button. After a false start (Jody came over to watch in case the boy woke up, but then I started feeling better), we ended up heading for the ER at about midnight. I was worried it was my appendix, but Jody had said she thought it sounded like a kidney stone- and a CAT scan confirmed that. I have a 3mm kidney stone making it’s way from my kidneys to my bladder- then apparently I will get some relief before it has to go the last leg out (which I’m not looking forward to!).

I was literally screaming in agony for a while in the ER (had Jackie very worried), but I’m now hopped up on IV pain killers followed by a Percacet when we got home- so if none of this makes any sense that’s why!

Suffice to say I’m as well as can be expected and will try and make some more sense later today 🙂

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