Kidney stone follow up

Kidney stone follow up

Warning- yucky medical stuff in this post.

I had a follow-up visit to my regular doctor today after my little trip to the ER last week, and things are looking up 🙂

I had been told that there are two painful parts to passing a kidney stone: the excruciating pain I had on Wednesday night as it went from my kidney to my bladder, and then another painful session as it passes from the bladder to the outside world- and various people have told me that that can take two or three weeks to happen, so although I feel fine I’ve been walking around like a condemned man! But my doctor had better news- he said that it’s more than likely that I’ve already passed it without noticing (even though I’ve been faithfully straining my “output”) as it may well have broken up or partially dissolved.

I’ve been on a drug called Flomax that they give to prostate cancer patients that relaxes all the muscles around the prostate so things can pass easier, and he’s given me another 5 days of that to be on the safe side, but after that he said I should be in the clear 🙂

Also, he said that, contrary to what I’d been told (if you have one you’re likely to get more), as I didn’t get the first one ’til I was 48 it’s actually unlikely that I’m prone to them- it’s more likely that the cause was me being dehydrated. So if I keep properly hydrated and stop taking the multi-vitamin I’ve been taking (as he said- “why is a healthy guy like you taking a multi-vitamin? Most of it just ends up in your stool!”) I should be fine.

So, I feel much better. Fingers crossed he’s right and I’ve already passed it and I don’t get any more. Coz I can tell you- that 4 hours on Wednesday night is something I really don’t want to go through again!!!

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