Display = calibrated :)

Display = calibrated :)

Since I’ve been getting a little more serious about my photography I decided it was time to calibrate the screen on my laptop. This involves putting a device on your screen that measures the colors, brightness and contrast it shows and adjust your display to ensure that what you see is exactly what your camera recorded and what will print.

I found some open source software that runs on Linux (dispcalGUI) and then tracked down a colorimeter (the above-mentioned device that analyses your screen) that works with it nice and cheap on eBay- it’s the Spyder2 Express that has been replaced by a newer version but works fine for my needs. It arrived today and I just ran a calibration on my laptop (the picture above).

You can learn more about monitor calibration here, and I am now going to start working on the pictures of chapel I took earlier- we’ll see if my newly calibrated screen makes any difference … of course my red/green colorblindness probably doesn’t help 😉

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