Ground wasps part 2

Ground wasps part 2

I was walking the dog in the woods today, taking the odd picture of flowers and buds as has become my habit recently-

I took a break to throw the ball for Holly, then, just past the bridge where I take my picture every day, I decided to see if I could get a picture of one of the ground wasps that made all the holes I mentioned a few days ago.

After persuading Holly she didn’t need to come and examine what my camera was pointed at and that she’s be happier exploring a pile of old leaves off to the side of the trail I knelt down and picked a spot to focus on in the hope that if I held still one would come out. After about five minutes I was rewarded with this little chap who came out and started doing a little housekeeping to his hole. He was backing out and pushing the sandy soil behind him with his back legs-

Holly was very patient while I was photographing the wasp, but she’d been in the stream and had had some solid tennis ball chasing time, so she was feeling pretty mellow 🙂

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