Canon 28-105

Canon 28-105

I did a little swap at my local camera store on Friday, giving them a couple of old lenses I don’t use for a used (but mint condition) Canon 28-105 f3.5-4.5 (it’s the Mark I with the 7 blade aperture, made in Japan- the good one according to this eBay guide).

It’s a fantastic lens, a definite step up from the “kit” lenses, though not quite up to the 24-70 “L” series f2.8 quality, but not far off- and I don’t have $1,350.00 to spend! And though it doesn’t have image stabilization, the fact that it has the same fast, accurate and silent ultrasonic internal focus as the “L”, with full-time manual focus, more than makes up for it!

I took it into the woods today (see the next post), and so for I like it 🙂

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