Sad pooch :(

Sad pooch :(

Holly gave us a bit of a scare this afternoon.

I took her to the vet for her shots this morning (rabies, Lyme and kennel cough) and then we went for our usual walk in the woods. We got home about lunchtime and she seemed fine, but by late afternoon I noticed that she hadn’t really moved from the same spot. I took her out for a pee and she was favouring one of her back legs, the one she had had two of the shots in. I called the vet and they said it isn’t uncommon for there to be some irritation from the shots and to keep an eye on her and call them in the morning if she wasn’t better.

Later she hadn’t improved, in fact she was looking very sad and shivering, and totally ignoring all the people arriving for the Pinewood Derby upstairs, so we had to call the emergency vet line (the vet had closed by now), and he said she was obviously having a more serious reaction to the shots and he had us give her a stiff dose of Benedryl (the human kind we got from CVS) and a dose of canine painkiller I still had in the cupboard from a strain she had last year.

She is still looking a little sorry for herself, but is much improved from earlier- in fact she barked at the Cub Scouts as they left which we feel is a good sign 🙂 Hopefully a good night’s sleep will do her good and we’ll hope she’s even more improved by the morning.

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