More winter gear

More winter gear

When I went out with the dog this afternoon the snow on the trails had already been packed down and was nice and icy in places as it was so cold (15F) overnight, so I decided it was a perfect chance to try out another piece of winter gear I picked up over the summer- my Hillsound Trail Crampons.

Last winter I swore by my YakTrax in the snow and ice, but I wore them out and was never really happy that I often had to reset them on my feet on the trail. So over the summer I did a some research for something a little tougher and found these slightly (!) more aggressive hiking crampons from a company in Canada (well, they should know about ice and snow, eh?).

So today I tried them for the first time and was very happy. They stayed in place for the whole hike without needing any futzing with, the grip is awesome as they have serious spikes, there was no problem with snow gathering under the plates, and they seem to be extremely well made.

This snow will probably all be gone by tomorrow as it’s going up into the 50s, but if we get any more snow I’ll post further thoughts on these as I have them.

Oh, and I should mention the boots I have been wearing all winter that I am very happy with- again picked up over the summer on clearance. It must seem that I spend all my time in the summer prowling the interweb looking for bargains on winter gear! Not quite, I just keep an eye on a couple of those websites that aggregate sales and stuff, and LLBean sent me a coupon and had these boots on clearance 🙂

They are these Tuckerman’s Multisport Boots in bright red 🙂 Insulated, waterproof, very comfortable, and with a kinda cool wind-up lace system: you just twist the button on the front to tighten them, and then just pull on it to loosen them to take them off- all the support of a lace up with the convenience of a slip on. I have been wearing them all winter to walk the dog, and they have proven very warm and comfortable, both on their own and yesterday with snowshoes and today with the crampons- and when the dog hears the clicking of the lace system tightening she comes running- very Pavlovian.

Anyhow, thats the end of my little product review segment for today, stay tuned for your local news…

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