Happy New Year!…and a few more from Legoland

Happy New Year!…and a few more from Legoland

We had a fabulous day at LegoLand- and it wasn’t crowded at all! The fireworks at 7pm were awesome, and we got home in 42 minutes- I used to hate driving in Florida, but it’s so easy with the GPS πŸ™‚

We have decided to skip the movie as we’re tired and there’s a Big Bang Theory marathon on, so we’re going to watch that as we do some gentle packing and cleaning up to get ready to leave tomorrow πŸ™

We probably won’t make it to midnight, so Happy New Year to all of you from all of us!

And here are a few more pictures from our day-

Crisp and dinosaur

Crisp & Jake at speed



The waterskiers at the Pirate’s Cove show

Crisp & Lego minifigure (!)

Me & Crisp on a ride I’m a bit to big for…

…and another

Crisp on a horse

Why is Darth Vader still single- because he’s looking for love in Alderan places πŸ™‚

View from the Island in the Sky- if you look really carefully just to the right of the center you can see out yellow car in the parking lot πŸ™‚

Miniland at night

And finally- fabulous fireworks!

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