Goodbye Jaws :(

Goodbye Jaws :(

Someone mentioned today, and we’ve just confirmed online, that we rode the Jaws ride at Universal last week during it’s last week in existence
it turns out that Universal closed the ride and it’s “4th of July” area
for good without a lot of ceremony a couple of days ago on January 2nd,
and the rumor is that they will be replacing it with a new Harry Potter
themed area and ride.

It’s very sad, but I’m very glad we got to ride it twice as it was the one ride I’ve always wanted to go on (as it’s been featured itself in lots of movies). Crisp really enjoyed it, and I’m glad that the second time around I braved the spray from the shark and pulled my camera out 🙂

looking up news about Jaws we also found out that it was a busier week
for the theme parks in Florida than we had thought- apparently on the
day we were at the Magic Kingdom (Disney) they actually closed the entrances to the park
for a period because it was full. From what I’ve read the capacity of
the Magic Kingdom is 100,000 people, so it makes me even more impressed
with the whole operation! The fact that we were able to have a fabulous day,
do all the rides we did, get reservations for lunch and dinner, and get
out and home at the end of the day so smoothly is truly amazing!

And we were also very lucky to be at Legoland when we were- they also closed their doors
on the 28th & 29th because they were full, and on the 31st when we
were there the park was so quiet that on some of the rides we got off
and got straight back on again because there was no line. Perhaps people
had heard about them being so full on those days and stayed away- but
we had no idea and just lucked out 🙂

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