Universal 1, Disney 0

Universal 1, Disney 0

Crisp in front of the “golf ball”

We set off for Epcot this morning with high hopes and great excitement. We arrived and as soon as we went in we hit the queue for Spaceship Earth and waited for about 45 minutes before we got in- good show, cool animatronics and computer graphics etc.

While we had been queuing we’d been planning where we were going to head for next and had decided on the Soarin’ ride- apparently a cool hang gliding experience. We knew there would be a huge line but had high hopes of the FastPass system Disney has where you scan your park entry ticket and get a ticket that holds you a place in line and tells you when to come back so you don’t have to queue for hours, but we found that all the FastPass tickets for Soarin’ had already been handed out and the line was now 3 hours! So I left Jake and Crispy and ran across the park to try and score FastPass tickets for the Test Drive ride- the other big ride in the park- no luck, they were all gone too. I did manage to get FastPass tickets for Mission Space, but they were for a window of 8:20-9:20pm, and it was 1:30 when I got them!

Me and the monkey

We did a nice little Eco-boatride around Epcot’s greenhouses and learned a little about hydroponics and then headed for the UK area to get some lunch- again, no luck, everything was packed. We finally ended up in the Marrakesh Restaurant in the Moroccan area (which was very nice and included a belly-dancer), but in wandering around the various “countries” we realized that as they are all mostly themed shops, basically Epcot is a huge mall that you pay to get into and walk around while stopping to eat overpriced food. We did stop to see the American Adventure, a 30 minute animatronic show telling the story of America, that was comical in it’s extreme rah-rah USA uber-patriotism- in fact Crispy came out and said, “The moral of the story is: America is Jesus and everything else is either a slave, a nazi, or a shopping area”.

Spaceship Earth against a bright blue sky

So in the end we found three tired looking people sitting on a bench and gave them our FastPass tickets and headed for home about 6pm. I came out of Universal yesterday telling Jackie that I actually thought it was quite good value for all we had done for the money we’d paid, but today I just felt ripped-off. The only 3 real rides in the park were impossible to ride without a 3 hour wait, and the rest of the place is just a group of glorified shopping areas.

Two tired people!

Boy I hope the Magic Kingdom is better tomorrow! I know we’re here on what is one of the busiest weeks of the year, so far the score is most definitely Universal 1, Disney 0!

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