Tintin and being sick and the death of a gerbil

Tintin and being sick and the death of a gerbil

Crisp and I went to see the new Tintin movie this afternoon- and we both loved it! One of the things I used to like about the books was the care that Herge took with all the drawings, and they seem to have taken the same care with the movie. I’ll try and remember to post a fuller review when I feel better.

And that segues nicely into the next part of this post, but skip this paragraph if medical stuff grosses you out. I’ve been feeling a little off for most of the day and peeing a lot and with some discomfort, so after the movie I was still feeling chilled and gross so I went straight over to the WestMed Urgent Care clinic, and it turns out I have a UTI (urinary tract infection). I had a temperature of 102 so I’m on heavy duty antibiotics and I’m sitting here drinking cranberry juice. I took one antibiotic at 8, and I’m supposed to take another at around 11:30, and the doc says with two inside me over night I’ll feel 100% better in the morning. All I can say is thank God for the Urgent Care clinic and the late night pharmacy- and I hope I do indeed feel better tomorrow coz I feel like crap right now!

And finally, I’m sad to report the death of Crispy’s gerbil, Yang. Last night she was looking pretty shaky and we thought she wouldn’t last the night, but she was hanging on this morning and through the day, and finally died about 8:30 this evening. She did pretty well for a gerbil- she was about 4. Her sister Yin died about 18 months ago and has been in our freezer ever since as Crisp wanted to bury them together. So now they are both in there and we’ll bury them outside on Friday when we’re all at home.

Crisp was so sweet as he said through his tears that her was feeling mixed emotions- sad coz he will miss her, but happy that she’s now with her sister again.

So, all in all an odd evening- lets hope the next few days are not as eventful!

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