New Camera

New Camera

I just realised I never posted the results from my first time out with my new camera.

It’s a Canon 60D that I got by cashing in my Amazon Reward points (and chipping in the check from Cafe Press from the T-shirts I designed for Speak-Like-A-Pirate day) and I still got a real deal on it- did you know that Amazon’s price for a single item  can fluctuate pretty wildly even without a sale- but I found that there’s a website that tracks them for you. And it uses the same lens mount as my old Canon so I can use all the lenses I already have 🙂

Anyhow- it’s awesome! The autofocus (9 cross-type points!) is amazing, the viewfinder is crisp and bright, the articulated LCD screen is large and lovely, it shoots full HD video, it shoots 5.3 frames a second, and it just feels great in my hand!

I took it into the woods the other day when I went to walk the dog, and here are a few of the shots I took. I’m just learning how to use it, so I’m really only scratching the surface of what it can do- but so  far I love it 🙂

Stream in the woods

Dog with her ball- I love the contrast of Holly’s black and white coat against the muted browns of the woods


Nearly caught it 🙂

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