Go George!

Go George!

Crispy’s Godfather!

George in the paddy wagon

We should all be so active in our retirement!

My ex-boss (and Crispy’s Godfather) has become very involved in the OWS movement (you can read about how and what he’s been up to on his blog here). He has been acting as a sort of liaison between the protesters and Trinity Church, trying to secure use of Trinity’s Duarte park as a winter base for the protest.

Well, it seems he’s been right in the thick of things today and has gotten himself arrested (again).

You can read more about all this in the NY Times, New York Post, The GuardianThe Religion Dispatches blog, truthdig, amongst many other places.

George being arrested

Bishop Sisk (Bishop of New York) issued a statement yesterday that, if you read between the lines, could be seen as a pretty clear request for George to butt out.

This is now going to get even more interesting!

More pictures of George on the Daily Mail site.

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