Disney World Highlights

Disney World Highlights

We had a fabulous time yesterday at Disney World- 14 hours of it- so we’re taking today to recover and laze about by the pool 🙂

Here are some of the highlights of the day (not all- I couldn’t take pictures in a lot of places).

The Man & the Mouse

It was cool and overcast when we arrived

But this is Florida dammit, so I wore loud shorts

Blue skies and the castle from the Astro-Orbiter

Jake & Crisp whizzing through the air

In line for Monsters Inc. with the castle in the background

Up behind the castle in Fantasy Land

Cindarella’s castle and blue sky

The castle through the trees from Adventure Land

Crisp & Jackie deciding where we want to go next

Buzz Lightyear!

If it’s Disney there must be a parade!

The Toy Story float

I feel sorry for the “cast members” in these outfits

Santa in the Florida sun

Jake & CJ in the Swiss Family Robinson tree house

In line for the Haunted Mansion with the Riverboat in the background

You will have fun!

Pirates of the Caribbean

The castle at night

Happy but tired- just before dinner

Taken by a Disney employee (who had a bit of trouble with my camera)


The Finale, pictures just can’t do justice to the castle with all the pictures and colors projected on it!

And the fireworks- fantastic!

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