Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

It was so lovely to have a nice quiet day today before all the craziness that tomorrow will bring!

I am feeling 100% better- thank God for the antibiotics; but Jackie was off to the Urgent Care herself this morning with a sinus infection- I hope her antibiotics help her feel better as quickly as mine did!

We have done laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, moved stuff up to the kitchen upstairs, given the dog a good long walk, buried the gerbils and wrapped the last few presents. I have also done a final quiet walk through of the church to make sure everything is in place. I took my camera with me when I did and have posted an album of pictures on Facebook that you can see here. Oh, and FedEx finally delivered the extra communion wafers I had ordered- we had just about enough to get through Christmas, but I wanted to be sure!

So, a good early night tonight and we should be ready 🙂

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