Snowy Woods

Snowy Woods

I took my weatherproof Pentax camera into the woods when I went out with the dog today. It was an interesting walk as every few minutes there was a crack like a gunshot as a branch somewhere snapped under the weight of the heavy, wet snow on the leaves that are still on many of the trees- only one fell close enough for me to see it go, but I kept a good lookout over my head!

In fact I saw a couple of branches go on Milton Road as I was about to turn in off the Parkway (I stopped and pulled them out of the road), and when I got back to the church I found Jackie out pulling a big branch off the sidewalk outside the parking lot. We’ve checked the batteries in our flashlights as I really won’t be surprised if we lose power tonight (Robyn & David already have).

So, here are some of the pictures from the woods 🙂

It’s crazy to see it like this in October!

It’s kind of pretty though

There are going to be a lot of trees down tomorrow!

Holly’s having fun anyway 🙂

I was only away from the car for an hour

This is Mamaroneck Avenue on the way home

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